Herb Perez Scholarship

In honor of Master Herb Perez, who has been an overarching influence and inspiration in the founding of Infinite Martial Arts, every year we are offering 2 full scholarships to our Kids and Young Adults Martial Arts programs. Scholarships are available to children aged 3 - 18 who wish to learn martial arts but are financially disadvantaged from becoming a member.

Scholarships will run for 1 year and will entitle the recipient to full access to our martial arts program, provided they attend on average at least 6 classes a month during the year. Scholarship recipients are also expected to honor the values of our studio - discipline, focus and respect - both at classes and in their school, home and community.

Interested candidates should write to us at to tell us about yourself and why you would like to be considered for our scholarship. You are also welcome to apply on behalf of someone that you think would be a good candidate.


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